Rules To Follow If You Get Arrested

The last time you ever want to be arrogant is when facing arrest. If you ever find yourself getting arrested then you might need to follow the rules of the law. First comes the Miranda rights “right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you, right to an attorney” type deal. But that only applies if you have been arrested and want to be spoken too by officers.

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If the officers have no interest in speaking to you after the detainment, they will simply state that you are under arrest and leave it at that. Secondly, if you talk to a police officer you must be honest with them and cannot lie to investigators.  However, you can refuse to cooperate or simply not answer questions, and that’s okay.

You can talk to a fairfax lawyer or refuse to answer questions without an attorney present, and that is well within your rights. While in some cases you might be legally required to give certain information to police if you are not then you do not have to speak with them.

Police can lie to you however, so the myth that all officers have to be honest is wrong. As long as they are pursuing the crime, police officers can use non-threatening deception to gather evidence. Even if the police lie or trick someone into trapping themselves, that can still be used as evidence to convict them of the crime. You still have the right to remain silent.

The law of criminals, criminal defense, and police procedures can be tricky for even the most experienced lawyers to figure out. So if you do get arrested, don’t think you know what’s best and instead look for an attorney to help you make a plan.